— About Us —

— About us —

VCC Homes is an independent Lettings company specialising in the management of HMO's (Houses in Multiple Occupation) in Crawley, Gatwick and surrounding areas. We also offer management services for BTL (Buy To Let) properties. 

We are Oli & Alicia, founders of VCC Homes. We are partners in both business and in life. We have a young family and consequently recognise many similarities between how we develop our family and how we progress our business. Our fundamental commitment to being the best version of ourselves in our business is a continuum of our commitment to how we operate as a young family. Our business is, therefore, founded on our family values of excellence, integrity, dependability, relationships and growth.

We’re passionate investors and are specialists in high-quality HMOs. We’ve been investing in the Crawley, Gatwick property market since 2014. In this time we’ve built a handful of properties for our own portfolio and carried out even more full refurbishments for our clients.

We look after our properties, we look after our landlords and we look after our tenants. We do it better than anybody else, because we think differently. We work as hard as we can to deliver an exceptional experience, it’s that simple.

We’re proud to have the very best houses and rooms on offer in and around Crawley, Gatwick. If you want to be a part of the portfolio of the best quality houses in Crawley, Gatwick and benefit from the reputation we are gaining, please get in contact.


Our Promises

Promise 1 of Excellence - “We will deliver the best experience through service”

Promise 2 of Integrity - “Everyone is treated correctly”

Promise 3 of Dependability - “We consistently deliver, time and time again”

Promise 4 of Relationships - “We value building quality relationships with all stakeholders”

Promise 5 of Growth - “We constantly strive to learn more, improve & grow”

Oli and Alicia

Our Values


Customer and stakeholder experience at every point is of utmost importance to us. Operating to the highest quality standards and deliverables means we can deliver an amazing experience and service. We get things done properly and correctly, with speed and efficiency, great communication and pride in our work.

We constantly add value through better execution, discipline and a pro-active, can do, approach.


Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them. Always act with others best interest at heart, be honest and fair and the rest will take care of itself. Everyone is treated correctly, even us at VCC Homes.


Our business is built on solid foundations, which we constantly strive to strengthen. We do this through systems and structure, routine and punctuality and consistency and persistence in our actions. Applying a strong mental attitude and resilience in order to deal with the daily challenges we face. We consistently deliver, time and time again. 


A key skill in our success, and what good management is about, is understanding people and building quality, trusted, strong and mutually beneficial relationships. We deploy bucket loads of empathy in order to understand people better. Our people and our company culture are key, we want to build a company that staff want to work at and customers want to stay with.


We constantly strive to learn more, improve & grow. We’re driven and motivated by a competitive spirit and determined outlook. Our natural tendency to seek the next level of accomplishment doesn’t mean we want to be perfect, but we do aim to be masters our craft. 

 “Good, better, best – Never let it rest until your good is your better and your better is your best.”


Mission Statement

“To be the leading, high-end, letting agent in the Crawley, Gatwick area specialising in HMO management. We are committed to constantly improving ourselves, the customer experience and the community.”

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